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Hope Island is an artificial island built on a natural atoll in the pacific ocean, near the equator. It was originally a millitary airstrip and later testing ground, before being sold to Karigo and further expanded. As part of the initiative, Hope Island is Karigo's chief launch site.

Mars One

Hope Island was initially purchased under the guise of an exploratory oil drilling operation. This allowed Karigo to not only buy the land, but also the mineral rights, and conveniently explained the large structures being placed on the island. They doubled the size and added a concrete pier to dock large ships, and began construction on the massive vehicle assembly building. The island did not recieve its name until Freddie Cook was brought into the program, at which point it was named for the fictional base of the "Planeteers" of the Captain Planet cartoon series. The name would later become rather ironic, when it became clear that the lion's share of the work being done at Hope Island was performed with little or no regard for the environment.

During the initial stages of the Mars One project, a large workforce was brought to the island and housed in a tent city. Workers described the conditions as "terrible, but at least there's booze". Alcohol consumption was a serious problem for the workforce, who were left on the island with few entertainment options, long hours, and harsh deadlines. They were, however, very well paid. Despite the conditions and massive hangovers, no one was killed while working on the project and the major structures were completed without any serious errors.