Kamian Homeworld

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The Kami are something of an enigmatic race, as their true history remains shrouded in darkness. Some claim them to be decended from the Marcon Alliance, but this connection is unlikely. They are distinctly artificial in origin, being a species of Passer that could not have occurred naturally.

According to modern atlases, the Kamians hail from the Kami Region, and their homeworld is listed as Kumana (KUM 801 on Foundation charts), at the center of a cluster of 18 solar systems that were eventually colonized and fortified by the Kamians. It is from here that they launched the Kamian Succession Wars.

However, KUM 801 is most distinctly not their "True" homeworld.

Surviving reports from the Mage Wars indicate that the Runarins and the MKHarens fought a major battle in the region, and made no record of inhabitants. Further, during the Golden Age, the Gudersnipe Foundation identified JAL 667 as the origin of the Kami.