Legions of Terror

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The Legions of Terror are the GS-elite guard, tasked with defending Gudersnipe's most important strategic holdings.

Formation and Purpose

The legion existed as far back as the old Gudersnipe Army but was not made official until early in the Second Age. Though always officially a part of the Crimson Blade, the unit was initially open only to Gudersnipe School graduates and tasked with protecting the Foundations highest-value assetts.

However, graduates were far too valuable to be wasted on such a task (though important), and the legion was quickly opened to all members of the Crimson Blade.


Joining the legions requires a potential aplicant to already be a member of the Crimson Blade and to be a "lifer" (a career member). From there, strict medical requirements must be met, before submitting to a thorough vetting process that takes nearly 2 years.

Training requires another two years and is known to be the most rigorous in the entire Blade. Legions of Terror work alongside regular soldiers, but have the highest security clearance and defend the most important assets.


The Legions of Terror is the only unit within the Crimson Blade that is specifically required to wear non-standard uniforms. Much like students at Gudersnipe School, they have no visible rank insignia and each uniform is custom-made and hand-tailored. This, along with the training, is designed to give the unit a distinct psychological advantage over their attackers.

Though each uniform is unique, they are easily recognizable to each other, while an outside observer may have no idea they belong to the same unit.