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Because Mage Wars RPG features flying ships, there really isn't a whole lot of need for boats. But let's go ahead and have them anyway, because I like boats! In the MMO version of the game, boats basically have 2 uses: cheap transport to islands for people who can't afford to fly, and toys for rich people. Coincidentally, these are two of the same uses they have in the real world. In PnP, the main use for boating is for its RP-aspect. You can have a lot of fun with plots that involve the use of the sea (or river, in case you fancy yourself a Saskatchewan pirate).

And of course then you have the option to convert your boat into a Land Yacht, which is still not as good as a skyship but a lot of fun.

PnP Rules

Basically, if you can imagine it, you can have it. The GM sets the price or gives it to you or whatever. This game is pretty fast and loose about that sort of thing. You will have to roll up stats for it for combat, though.

MMO Rules

Coming Soon: A list of boats, ships, and their various stats.

Boat Stats

And ship stats, I suppose. Anyhow, let's begin.

  • Size - this is a name classification describing the size, exact dimensions are in the length and beam.
    • Length: (how long it is from stem to stern)
    • Beam: (how broad it is, amidships)
  • Speed: (How fast it goes and how fast it attacks)
  • Hull: (determines how much damage can be sustained) - rather than fuss about with materials we'll just go by weight: light, medium, and heavy. Heavy hulls, obviously, take the most damage. They're also the least maneuverable. Light hulls are the most fragile; but they make the fastest and most agile vessels. Medium hulls cover the whole range in between.

Vessel Classes

Coming Soon.


Armament is limited by size. Here are a smattering of available weapons:

  • Culvern
  • Cannons
  • Ballistae
  • Catapults

Boat Combat

(This section also includes aquatic combat). First of all every mount can swim, at 50% of ground speed. Flying mounts, when swimming, are reduced to just 25% of ground speed (itself usually slower than a character can walk). Player characters can swim at 25% of of their standard speed. This affects both movement and attack speed.

Each boat or ship has its own movement speed. Combat works the same as on land and foot with one or two minor alterations. Namely when it comes to attack speed, each individual weapon has its own speed (and attack stats). Player-characters wishing to operate more than one weapon may do so, but each weapon activation counts as one "attack" for them, and they will need enough attack speed to move to another weapon and make a second attack. Characters standing effectively within arms' length of two weapons may use both and count it as a single attack.

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