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A Focus Item is an item a Mage holds in order focus their concentration and aid in spellcasting. Anything can be named as a focus item, but specific items grant extra effects.

Basic Focus

Without a focus-item, fast cast spells are slow-cast, and memorized spells cannot be cast. The player is free to declare any item a focus item, however that item must have an intrinsic meaning to the character, and only one item can be used at a time. Switching to a new focus item requires weeks.

These rules do not apply to characters using Special Proficiency: Magic to gain access to scrolls or alternate forms of spell-casting.

Advanced Focus Items

Items from the following list are intrinsically Focus items and do not have to be declared. A character wielding one of these can switch to another without impacting spellcasting ability:

  • Staff
  • Rod
  • Cane
  • Orb
  • Runewheel

In addition, any item can be enchanted to be a Focus Item.

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