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This page covers the rules governing the trading of proficiencies.


Some races have the option to trade any one proficiency for a specific proficiency. This cannot be done "on the fly" but can be changed after character creation. The character would need to visit some sort of master trainer, possibly on a mountain top. If their homeland still exists, they must journey to their homeland. If they have no homeland or it has been destroyed, they will need to find a large group of their people.

They can also make this trade at character creation.

Character Creation

At character creation, some classes have the option to trade proficiencies thusly. Each character gets 1 free change at character creation.


The Warrior may trade their Armor and Weapon Proficiencies for any other like-proficiency. E.G., they can trade Plate for Chain or Bladed for Ranged.

Warriors may also choose to trade their Shield Proficiency for another Weapon, Armor, or an appropriate Special Proficiency from the list bellow:

  • Special Proficiency, Two-Handed
  • Special Proficiency, Dual-Wielding
  • Special Proficiency, Magic
  • Scroll Proficiency




Endo Mages may choose to trade:

  • Special Proficiency, Evade
  • Lore and Transcription

For a Weapon Proficiency or the Bludgeon proficiency, which allows them to use anything in their hands to make a basic weapon attack.

Mages may not trade for Armor proficiencies unless specified as a racial ability.


The Auramancer may trade Special Proficiency, Enchantment for Special Proficiency, Aura


It is possible to make proficiency swaps later.

Mage Wars PnP

In general, as a WorldShaper try to be cool about this. Letting characters trade out proficiencies and customize is fun, but you want to place a limit on power-gaming. Just consider it, consider their background, etc. House rules over-ride any listed game rules. The guidelines on this page cover what is possible by the rules, not what you can let your players do.

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