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Monks of the Cardinal Star are a religious order of warrior-priests that come from various sects of Cardinal Clerics. The monks are unique among the different organizations of holy warriors for their use of Kahdayho Emblems, as tattoos are forbidden by the Book of Law. The monk's interpretation of the passages hold that unique tattoos as identifying marks are forbidden; while each monk takes identical markings.

Basic Edicts

Becoming a monk requires one to be exceptionally devout. Their rites are about ritual and self-denial. While the specific oaths a monk takes are known only to him, much of their ways and life are about rigid adherence to strict doctrine. Many who begin training as monks eventually go on to become Battle Clerics as this role calls for much less strict discipline.

Weapons and Capabilities

Most monks prefer to fight unarmed and unarmored, relying (much as the Paladin) on their devotion to keep them safe. Some will use weapons; in particular, any weapon known to be particularly difficult, or requiring great skill to master.


Monks who do practice magic are Raw-Form Casters, though some will also learn healing magic. Those who study magic often regard the style used by the monks to be a pathway in and of itself, as the techniques they use are very complex for raw-form.