Raw-Form Caster

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A raw-form caster is a type of mage who uses the raw magical energy present in the world to do magic. Because raw-forming relies solely on raw energies, its capabilities are extremly limited and capable almost exclusively of attack.

Raw-form techniques differ from normal magical nomenclature. In typically spell-forming, the term "casting" refers to shaping magic, not throwing it. In Raw-form casting, it means to throw, as raw-form casting does little more than ball up the energy and fling it.

The most well-known and feared raw-form caster in the verse was Enver Hoxha, who was defeated in B.G.A. 307 when he was attacked by seven armies led by the great Emersynn Searlin.

Raw-form casting became essentially a lost art following the end of the Mage Wars and though a few practitioners continued throughout the ages, it was widely considered a dead class of magic.