Enver Hoxha

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Enver was an extremely powerful Raw-Form Caster who lived near the end of the Dynastic Period.

Early Life

Nothing is known about Enver's lineage, though based on his capabilities he was probably a distant descendant of the Bear Clan. Enever's birth-date is unknown, nor his background, birth place, or even his exact age. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that he may have been as much as four hundred years old. Some estimates put his age as high as 1,000 years, though many historians feel he likely had a much more normal, human life-span.

Noted historian and author of the Accepted Histories Herbet Patric Galactis had this to say:

"A great deal of speculation and supposition has been woven into the tale of Enver Hoxha. He embodied everything that made the Mage Wars terrifying, and many a tall-tale was spun even in his own life-time. For a man so feared, so reviled, so infamous, he there is no doubt that he deserves a certain amount of what he got. But history isn't about giving people what they deserve; history is about fact. The historians who argue for such suppositions about Hoxha are merely trying to sell you books. I have never needed any help on that front, so I believe I can safely say that there was nothing terribly special about him. He is--or rather was--just one more of a long line of horrible people."

Later Life and Death

Regardless of how old he actually was, by B.G.A. 350 he was a known and widely feared force. Hoxha commanded no army, he was only a single man. But with a word, he could level entire cities.

Mad, and drunk on his own power, Hoxha rampaged throughout the known worlds, taking and destroying at his will. He claimed to be seeking out strong opponents in order to fight. An egomaniac, Hoxha killed anyone who challenged him, and revelled in the mayhem he could produce.

The Crusade

Emersynn Searlin, a Westpoint Cleric, set out on a mission to destroy Hoxha. In all he gathered seven armies, including forces belonging to the Marcon Alliance.

Searlin's armies were decimated, and in the end they were unable to kill Hoxha. He had become so powerful that no weapon forged by man could hurt him. In the end, Searlin's armies were only to divide Hoxha into 11 pieces, which were scattered throughout the known worlds, that Hoxha may never be made whole again (until the time of the Course Books themselves).