Emersynn Searlin

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Emersynn Searlin was a descendant of Nathan Searlin, who died around the beginning of the Second Chaotic Period. He was long believed to be the last of the Searlin line and may have been one of the last to bear the name. He was a ruthless follower of the Westpoint Clerics, though not a cleric himself. His order would later go on to join several others as the Paladin army recruited by Eieber.

For his part in ending the Mage Wars, Emersynn led seven armies against raw-form caster Enver Hoxha.

Eieber listed Emersynn Searlin among his topmost personal heroes, and one of the influences that encouraged him to his goal of ending the Mage Wars. A large statue of Emersynn now stands in one of Arindell's main squares.