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"Pleasant Company: Where everyone is Smiles and Sunshine All the Time" (TM).

Pleasant Co., Inc., is a division of Consolidated Power, a wholy-owned subsidiary of the Gudersnipe Foundation. Pleasant Co. is responsible for building the Nugen Reactors used by Crimson Blade warships and some civilian vessels. While NuGen technology is considered extremely safe, core production is not. Alliance inspectors invited to tour the facility famously said "building these things is the single most dangerous job nobody actually does".

Corporate Culture

Pleasant Co. employees have something of a reputation for being always happy and up-beat. The offices are decorated with motivational posers, and the environment is bright and very cheerful. The brightness is due to the eternal sunshine and rainbows (see below) that the employees must endure. No one is quite certain where exactly the "always be up-beat" mentality began, but psychologists think it is in some way related to a combination of environment, and the insanely deadly and dangerous compounds they work with. Not directly, but still relevantly.

In three Ages of operation, P.C. has never had a single worker fatality. Injuries are not uncommon, though primarily limited to the same sort of issues common to office workers. The module factory has an equally impeccable safety record.


P.C. is located in the outer Spaceu System, in the Utops Cluster. The company headquarters is on a moon in a polar orbit around a gas giant. The moon is not todally locked with the surface, but rotates on its side, always pointing its north pole towards the sun. Pleasant Co.'s headquarters are located near the north pole, and are therefore in constant sunshine.

When the moon was terraformed, WorldCraft determined that it did not have a strong enough magnetic field to adequately protect a surface population, so the atmosphere was heavily impregnated with water vapor: enough to provide sufficient protection, which left the planet cloaked in eternal clouds which give the sun a bright, friendly yellow hue, as well as creating constant, never-ending rainbows, as many as six deep. At certain times of the year, reflected light from the gas giant will cause a second set of rainbows.