Rama Flight

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Rama Flight was an early dragon flight, not fallen, maybe some were. They were not a known offshoot of Lowland Hills. The Rama Flight was destroyed sometime around 3300 B.G.A..

They were worshipped by the Aramayan civilization.


The exact location of Rama's eerie is unknown, though it is certainly somewhere in the Barrier Range, probably north of High Mountain near the Lowland Plains region.

Rama was destroyed not by humans, but by an alliance of dragon-flights, and, according to legend, their eerie was sealed. It is considered probable that Rama's hoard was locked inside, containing enough gold to ransom an army of kings. Rama was an offshoot of the Green Hills flight, a nomadic flight whose lineage was not known, and who had no other known offshoots. Rama, in turn, was a young flight with no offshoots of its own. The gold should have gone to the conquerors; but whether it did so or not, remains unknown even into the Sixth Age.

Dragon Worship

As said above: the flight were worshipped by the Aramayan civilization, who (according to The Strange Matter Sword) 'were willing to channel the darkest powers they could find, even at the cost of their own souls, for their dragon gods', and did so, several times, when the flight was attacked by would-be treasure-hunters. It was reportedly during one such war-effort, that the alliance of rival flights destroyed Rama 'completely, to a green'.

Lost Horde

The fate of Rama's gold is unknown. Since Rama Flight has no known offshoots or roots, the death of the flight could mean the gold is open for the taking, as no other dragon flight has a rightful claim on it (beyond such claim as any treasure hunter may have). The key distinction is whether or not the treasures of the flight are 'dragon gold'.

The size of the hoard is a matter of much speculation. At its height, Rama was known to be on a level with High Mountain, having between 500 and 1000 active members. Further, their empire of dragon-worshipers would have worked extensively to increase the flight's wealth. The size of the hoard would be on the order of tens of thousands of tons. Its fate is entirely unknown.

The most likely explanation, however, is that the gold was seized by the rival flights, among them High Mountain, and divided amongst their own hoards.