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The Wolf System is a solar system in a remote region of Joint Space, under direct Foundation control, though considered technically "part of the Alliance". It is a Trinary Star System and is named for its largest sun, Wolf. The second largest is called Cub, and the smallest is Prey.

Wolf System is a contradiction in astronomical sciences and quite the anomaly. The largest planet is several times the size of any other gas giant on record and nearly twice the size of Prey, the smallest sun. By all rights, Garm's massive size should have compressed it into a star.

It is theorized that Wolf System's massive size allows its 3 suns and 32 planets to exist in equilibrium, allowing for gigantism.

Inner System

The inner solar system includes three rocky planets, named Wolf's 1, 2, and 3. Originally targeted for Terraforming, the planets were later slated for mining and Wolf 1 demolished through controlled gravitational warping. Wolf's 2 and 3 are slated for a similar fate once the resources of Wolf 1 have been exhausted.

A peculiarity of the Wolf System that prevented terraforming of the rocky planets is the complete lack of a habitable zone. The three stars create a sort of gravitational lensing effect that transmits heat in pulses. Any point close enough to have liquid water would periodically be bathed in scorching radiation, and an atmosphere thick enough to protect surface dwellers would block all sunlight.

The inner system is home to roughly one billion miners, with a full-time population of ten thousand. The miners rotate on staggered six-month shifts, so the population is maintained.

Outer System

The outer solar system is home to 14 gas giants and 15 icy planets. The gas giants are some of the largest on record, many with sizable moons. Because the system lacks a habitable zone for planets, the moons were explored as possible colonies; and of them, Moon Garm was eventually terraformed as a mining colony for the inner-system works.


Garm is a massive gas giant, and unique in that it supports life--though not in the way traditionally thought. Plants thrive in the upper layers of atmosphere, as a massive cloud of single-celled organisms. Though they are green, chemicals they emit cause the planet to reflect a red light.

Garm has 5 moons in orbit around it:

Moon Garm

Initially terraformed as a home for mine workers in the inner solar system, the gravitational effects of Moon Garm and its own moons made ascent and descent to challenging, and the Foundation settled on orbital habitats in the inner solar system with crews rotating from the nearby Lant System.

Moon Garm is a Generation IV, System VII teraformed world. Though technically a moon, it is the size of an earth-normal planet. Its surface is covered roughly 30% by water, and includes a wide variety of landscapes and environments with a high degree of bio-diversity.

Moon Garm is home to the Loup Garoux species of Werewolf, of whom some 3 billion make their home here. The moon is classified as a Remote Autonomous Region under the administration of the Gudersnipe Foundation.

Moon Garm itself has several moons:

Night Star

Moon Garm is large enough to maintain a satellite of its own: a small moon orbiting a moon.