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XGSO is the abbreviation for eX Gudersnipe Student Organization. Along with the GA, it is one of two regulatory bodies responsible for tracking graduates of Gudersnipe School. Unlike the GA, the XGSO deals primarily with graduates who do not enter the Crimson Blade. XGSO members are technically classified as freelance agents, and many go to work for the Foundation in various capacities.

When a student becomes a graduate, they are required to register with, and report to, one of the two regulatory bodies. Those who immediately enter the Crimson Blade and become high-ranking officers register with the GA, as well as others expressily interested in pursuing a carrier with the Blade.

Graduates wishing to pursue covert operations or work for the Assassin's Guild will find the XGSO more condusive. It is also the main regulator for students not wishing to carry out work for the Foundation immediately after graduating. These graduates are registered as XGSO: Inactive, so the Foundation and the Guild will not contact them.