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Name: Cilean (She’s had so many last names she doesn’t even remember).

Age: About a buzillion I would think.

  • Approximately 65,000 by the time the series takes place. Only about 5,000 years older than time itself, which is not bad =P

Physical description: Tall, fair skinned, silver grey hair, purple eyes, very sharp features.

Current place of residence: The Royal Palace of the Loup Garoux, on Moon Garm.

Family situation: Cilean, having lived for so long, has an extensive family tree although she only stays in touch with a few of her relatives, including her unaging grandson Darious who lives with her as one of her top advisers.

Friends/romantic interests: Cilean has a thing for Caleb Bur'I; rumors exist that Eieber had one for her; and there is a rumored 'on-&-off' relationship with Laytami Gudersnipe. She’s also part of Joshua Jusenkyou’s bowling team and close friends with all her team-mates.


Occupation: Queen of the Loup Garoux.

Hobbies/outside interests: Horseback riding, bowling, making fun of stupid people in such a way that they do not even notice they have been insulted.

Quirks/eccentricities: She has an odd way of treating her descendants as though they are close family that she has known their whole life.

Strong points/weak points: (Still not sure, feel free to fill in) Strong points include her experience, because she is older than some planets; weak points include impatience, especially at people's stupidity. Like all Loup Garoux, she is vulnerable by magical materials (though much less so than any Lycanthrope) and has strong olfactory senses.

Favorite song/type of music/TV program/move: Cilean likes classical music from just about any era. She doesn’t watch a lot of TV but she likes old movies like most older people.

Favorite Book(s)/magazine: She finds books unamusing now because she’s read pretty much all of them.

Favorite Food(s)/restaurants(s): Loves all kinds of foods and tries to constantly expand her taste palate.

Favorite type of Architecture/furnishings/décor: Old Victorian style.

Contents of medicine cabinet: (Will fill in later)

Contents of purse/wallet/car’s glove compartment: Immortal Queens find little use for things like wallets but she doesn't keep things like hard candy, tissues and tea bags in her purse that she carries primarily for fashion purposes.

Favorite/least favorite way to travel: Favorite is by horseback or carriage; she doesn’t like cars because they can be loud, and space/air travel always seemed unstable to her.

Favorite car (same or different from type owned?): No car

Favorite Sport(s), if any (fan only or also participant): Not big on sports but she likes racing.

Way of speaking (proper/accent/slang/pet words or phrases?): Extremely proper when she needs to be but rather grandmotherly the rest of the time. She can be mean and harsh if she wants, and can talk down to anyone because she’s pretty much older then everybody.

Personality/temperament: This changes a lot; you really can’t pin down the personality of a bujillion year old ancient lady.

Reputation (earned or otherwise): She’s the one and only queen of the Loup Garoux and loved by all of her subjects. Moon Garm has never had political problems so nobody ever had any problem with her.

Reaction to crisis/insults/threats/good or bad news: A deep sigh and a shake of the head, then an answer nobody would have thought.

Skeletons in closet: Way too many to count. She may have a few literal ones, but you never know with her.

Dreams/aspirations/goals: She just wants to be the best she can be; she’s achieved everything else she wanted to do in life, except finish a Rubik's Cube; she just can’t figure those things out.

Fears/phobias/obsessions: losing her people. With the loss of so many family members her people are all she has left in the world.

Pets: She has a large Clydesdale horse named Atticus and many other pets that she will just name on the spot.

Spiritual life/faith/political leanings/worldview: Cilean believes in a higher power; she even helped invent a religion for the Loup Garoux when they were having difficulty finding their place in the world.