Author of the Gust

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Author of the Gust is the first book in The Antelope Books series. It is followed by Scion of the Storm.

Unlike the Course Books, the antelope series are stand-alone novels. Author of the Gust covers the story of Ryo, a young girl trapped between two worlds. As the child of two races, she is accepted nowhere, scorned by all, and forced to forge a place for herself.

The tale covers her fantastic journey that takes her from one side of her planet to the other, and everywhere in between.

Author of the Gust takes place within the same storyworld as the Course Books, and happens roughly 90 years earlier.


In chapter 5 of Author of the Gust, on page 171 in the AuthorHOUSE version, Ryo states that "The tiller is gone," indicating a piece of the steering aseembly that has broken away, while it is clear from the description that she is actually reffering to the ship's rudder. The author would like to say for the record that he learned everything he knows about ships from canadian lake shanties and reading Treasure Island about a 50 times as a kid, and did not, at the time of writing Author of the Gust, understand the difference between a tiller and a rudder. He has since been corrected.