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The Antelope Books is a series within the Course Books storyworld. It is related and followes the same rules, and even has a few common characters. For example, Hunter Jusenkyou makes a cameo in the first book; Ryo Sansen appears in one of the Course Books; and the short story Aspect of Death features a glimpse of the Ninjas, who inhabit the Antelope Books.

Books in the Series

Story World

The Antelope Books take place on a world of many islands, which rotates almost straight up on its axis, allowing people to live comfortably on every part of the planet. There is little seasonal variation, though it does snow at the poles in winter. The rest of the planet sees rainy and dry seasons throughout the year. Its population are divided into Ninjas, Pirates, and the industrial 'Utopians' who attempt to conquer both.

Because the surface is almost 90% water, sail is the primary means of travel. It's a sea-faring adventure of epic proportions!

Like the Course Books, the Antelope has an over-arching plot that moves through all three volumes. However, unlike the Course Books, it is a series of three novels, instead of short story collections.


  • Ryo Sansen
  • Nenyo Arroyo - The boy ahead of her was tall and older, probably closer to eighteen, but he looked scrawny and not very strong. His glasses were as thick as wine bottles, but his face showed a mask of determination. He looked ready to overcome any obstacle by sheer will alone.
  • Rausha Caspien - She had a fairly round face and very pretty blue eyes, and long blond hair half way down her back. It was still wet from the shower, but the girl had already dressed and had her towel folded neatly on the bench next to her. Ryo also noticed that she wore the clothing of a Pirate.

Backstory and Similarities

The Antelope series takes place slightly beyond the known worlds of the Course Books, and in the time of the Course Books is actually part of the Known Worlds. Chronologically, the Antelope series takes place around 200 years earlier.

Ryo's world was first seeded with humans some 8,000 years prior, by refugees from the Mage Wars (possibly of Rinoin origin), in the mid-to-late First Chaotic Period. This would be the beginning of the slow transition into the Dynastic Period. A later story explains how they fled through an ancient Road in front of the advancing Marcon Alliance.

The Marcons, in turn, play fairly heavily into the history of the Course Books, by epitomizing everything bad about absolute rule.

Ryo's world, meanwhile, was already home to Mermaids, created as an experiment by the Ancients.