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Ryo is the primary protagonist of The Antelope Books series. She is 13 years old at the begining of Author of the Gust.

Ryo's World has no name and is outside of the Known Worlds.

Early Life

According to the A.Y. System, Ryo was born in 6799, the same year Ian Riley was anointed as a Slayer Dragon.

By her own world's calendar, she was born in the summer time, and in either the 74th year of Tao or the first year of Lycet. Ryo had the slight misfortune of being born the year a new emperor took the throne, leaving not a small amount of confusion as to her birth-year. The ninja calendar system works around the year the Emperor (may he live forever) comes to power, which creates some confusion for anyone born that year.

She was born on the island of Receon amidst heavy fighting. The Pirates were trying to take the island from the Ninjas, who eventually had to abandon their settlement all together.

Ryo was raised in the Ninja capitol of Ninpou until the age of 13, when she left aboard the Antelope.

Sailing Career

In Ninja culture, the age of majority is thirteen. At this age, ninjas are no longer considered children, but not yet officially considered adults. Most ninja youth spend their teenage years abroad, serving aboard the many ships that ply the waters of the great Ninja empire. Ryo wanted nothing more than to be like any other youngster, but was rejected from every ship she tried to join.

With few options available, she happened upon a half sunken, nearly derelict ship called the Antelope, whose aged captain was sorrowfully trying to sell her. The captain, who in truth wanted nothing more than one last great adventure, was perfectly happy to sign Ryo on if she could put together a crew. Ryo then gathered the various dregs of Ninja society together, and set sail.

The adventure aboard the Antelope lasted a little under a year, when the ship was sunk in the Pirate capital and the crew taken prisoner. Ryo lived there for a time, as a guest of high-ranking officials, who eventually engineered her escape.

After stealing a new boat, Ryo's meager crew set sail again, narrowly escaped the Pirate armada, and made it to the open ocean. During this adventure, Ryo was separated from them aboard a hastily built flying contraption. She was rescued by a Utopian airship and briefly stayed among the Utopians (a people who prefer bland food and uniform clothing, and live behind a giant mirror).

Ryo escaped Utopia on her 14th birthday and met her long-lost father, who by now had come to command the infamous Red Fleet.

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