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Originally installed aboard the Saratoga, Bladeth armor is a type of ablative starship hull armor invented by the Satyarans. It is similar in technology to G.S. Simulator systems, though substantially simplified. The name is derrived from the visual appearance of the armor, which appears like blades covering the hull.

The armor system works by using photons to simulate other subatomic particles. These simulated particles can then build atoms which form a layer of metal armor over the ship's hull. The armor absorbs greater damage than regular armor, but degrades quickly (being essentially made of light); therefore it is designed for temporary use. Once it has taken enough damage, the armor can be 'shed', and a new layer applied.

The Bladeth Generator

The armor is created through a device called a Bladeth Generator, similar in technology to the G.S. Simulators, but far simplified for the specific application. The generator must be programmed with the hull-geometry of the ship, with openings for weapons, sensors, and communications systems. Apertures around the engines are also required, and any other systems which need direct access to space in order to function.

Deployed Versions

The original prototype was brought back by the Saratoga, who backwards engineered it into the Mark I system. This was built using as many off-the-shelf components as possible, and issued for manufacturing. Only four Mark Is were built, three used for the Saratoga, and a fourth sent out as a technology demonstrator. The Mark I was heavily simplified from the original prototype, which had capabilities that far surpassed the replacement.

The Mark II version was the official production model(also eventually installed on the Saratoga), but never saw deployment within the regular Crimson Blade. The cost-benefit of the technology made it a poor choice for wider deployment; however it was kept within the Special Candy catalog for Gudersnipe School.

A MarK III was then produced by the Victory Research Facility under Hunter Jusenkyou's direction for use by the Victory Fleet. These ships had been designed from the ground up to incorporate the technology, and had a much better support system in place compared to their Gudersnipe counterparts.

The Mark III Special, sometimes called the Mark IV, was built custom for the Saratoga. This version adding back in all of the exotic capabilities stripped from the Satyaran prototype to create the Mark I, but incorporated all of the improvements developed over the previous generations.

Use in Combat

Bladeth armor gives a ship a significant tactical advantage by allowing it to withstand far more direct hits from weapon's fire than conventional armor alone. Bladeth armor is not indestructable, however, and some analysts sugest it may embolden the crew to take greater risks.


The concept of the Bladeth Generator served as the basis for