Blood Stele

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Blood Stele is a stone inscribed with the prophecies regarding Hygelic's Heirs.


The Blood Stele is described as a large piece of granite, rectangular in shape, with a glassy surface. The letters are inscribed in


Hrethrel Jusenkyou was already well-established as a seer and a sage after he correctly predicted the landslide at Avenhelm. He was widely sought by both humans and dragons for his knowledge, and traveled extensively around the Greater Continent and off-world. Though his prophecies delivered to humans usually took the form of observations and reassuring advice, many who encountered him felt the experience changed them.

According to the legend, the stele was created in A.Y. 6522, in the year when Hygelic Jusenkyou's egg was placed in High Mountain Flight's rookery. Accounts vary wildly as to the size and nature of the stele. Most accounts list it as having been written in Scoriography, and specifically in the spoken tongue of the dragons(most scoriographic inscriptions are actually written in Common, which is also the language of draconic politics).

The earliest mention in human literature is in the Chronicles of Shri Antiok, a poet active in the mid Sixth Age, who is also said to have recorded most of the prophecies. He said he was shown the stone by Hrethrel's own hand and that he wrote down what he saw as best he could. Since Antiok was a poet and not an historian, his accounts are often dismissed. Later speculation on the tablet mostly wrote Antiok out of the story entirely, because it was revealed he had lived his whole life in Locksea and is not known to have ever visited Arindell.

Because of Hrethrel's track record for extremely accurate predictions, the Stele was widely sought-after. The belief was firm, yes insistent, they great profit or power would come to he who possessed it. Not helping matters were the number of people(humans specifically) to whom Hrethrel showed the stele.

Proposed Locations

Logic and reason would tend to hold that the Stele is at High Mountain near Arindell, as this was Hrethrel's home. Other proposed sites include Seacrest Spire, and Avenhelm.