Hrethrel Jusenkyou

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Hrethrel Jusenkyou, of the High Mountain Flight, out of Freaw, by Hrombdar. Hrethrel was the father of Hygelic Jusenkyou grandfather of Hunter Jusenkyou and a highly skilled enchanter and dragon sorcerer. Hrethrel was among High Mountain's elders and may have been the last person to speak to Draco. In addition to his abilities as a mage, Hrethrel was regarded as a Pseudo-Sage, and spoke a prophecy over his son's egg that his progeny would forever be intertwined with the fate of the Verse. This prophecy is recorded on a stone called the Blood Stele, so named for the Jusenkyou Bloodline.

It is this prophecy which has led many powerful groups to attempt to hunt down and destroy any members of the Jusenkyou bloodline, known colloquially as "Hygelic's Heirs"