C.B.S. Your Face And Fire

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C.B.S. Your Face And Fire(colloquially referred to as YAF) was a metal prototype and first in a series of ultra-heavy dreadnaughts commissioned late in the Kamian Succession Wars. Later iterations of the design were referred to be the abbreviation YFAF-class, and just called "yaffers" by most members of the Crimson Blade.

Design Requirements

The Foundation had been loosing capitol ships to the Kamians at an alarming rate. While bomber attacks and missile bombardments made their mark, the only thing that could really "kill" a Kamian capitol ship was another capitol ship; a battery ship specifically. Knowing this, the Kamians always targeted the Foundation's battleships and dreadnaught. Very frequently, a battle group would come through a conflict unscathed - save for their capitol ships.

The Foundation needed to field a warship that was big enough to go toe-to-toe with the Kamian fleet, engage multiple Kamian ships simultainiously, come through the battle in fighting shape, and be cheap enough to field is great numbers. All tolled, they needed a ship that didn't exist and was impossible to build.


Enter Wyrick Balnor, Chief Technology Officer of Industrial Face Annihilators, LLC. A veteran himself, he had spent over a decade improving IFA's production techniques, before setting his sites on ship-building. Wyrick had been a long-time opponent of fitting large battery ships with a single massive, fixed forward-facing gun aligned with the plane of the ship. He argued that these weapons provided very little advantage and greatly increased production costs, as well as hampering the supply-chain at several key points.

With the backing of the Blind Consul, Wyrick arranged a contest in which two teams competed to complete construction of a prototype. One team, not led by but heavily facilited by Wyrick, constructed a version of the ship without an FFG. The other worked on a nearly identicale design that included the fixed weapon. Wyrick's ship reached operational readyness six months before the competing design even left the dock for fitting out. The unfinished competitor, officially dubbed the G.S.S. Your Face And Fire Prototype was sent to Gudersnipe School and no official documentation exists regarding it's operational history.

The newly minted Yaffer-class sported 50 large beam cannons spread over fifteen turrets, numerous small support guns, the thickest armor of any capitol-class ship, and a design that could be produced in little time with a very reasonable resource-cost. YFAF did well in initial space trials and preformed even better in combat.


The Foundation formally ceased production on ultra-heavy dreadnauts after the end of the Kamian Succession Wars, but thousands of yaffers remained in service