Day of Dawn's Reflection

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One of the Alliance Holidays: the Day of Dawn’s Reflection celebrates the day when the old Gudersnipe Army and the armies of Eieber, First Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, avoided going to war. According to legend, a thick fog descended over the battlefield before the two armies could draw swords, and Eieber found himself back-to-back with Laytami, the later founder of the Gudersnipe Foundation. Neither knowing who the other was, the two leaders got to talking, discussing old battles and reflecting on the events that had led them to that day. They spoke vaguely, each not to reveal himself. If they had known they were the leaders, they would surely have fought despite the fog. They spoke quietly all night, and in the morning when the fog burned away, and the two leaders finally glimpsed each other, both decided they were not so different after all, in that Eieber dreamed of a free world where no one had to live in fear, and Laytami only really wanted to end the Mage Wars. Ultimate power was the goal of neither, and that day they exchanged trinkets to honor their new agreement. Together, the armies of Laytami and Eieber ended the Mage Wars, and began the Golden Age. Originally the Day of Dawn’s Reflection was observed by reflecting on one’s past conflicts; but in more recent eras has become synonymous with Christmas, which is generally observed by exchanging gifts.

The Day of Dawn's Reflection is celebrated on the 25th day of the 12th month, or the closest analogue in outlying regions.