Day of Dawn’s Reflection

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The Day of Dawn's Reflection is one of the chief Alliance Holidays, commemorating the initial peace between Eieber and the Gudersnipe Army.


According to the Alliance, the first such 'Day' occurred when Eieber's followers and the Gudersnipe Army had overcome every other political force in the Known Worlds, and each faced the other as the sole remaining enemy. Prior to their arranged battle, a dense fog obscured the two armies, rendering it impractical either to fight or to leave and return; and in this obscurity, the two leaders Eieber the Atayan and Laytami Gudersnipe sat back-to-back, neither identifying himself except as a soldier of his own side, and talked at some length of each campaign's purposes; ultimately concluding that the two armies had similar objects and might benefit by coöperation. Upon the fog lifting, each commander identified the other and called a cease-fire, which lasted (in varying degrees) until the Sixth Age.


Originally a semi-religious holiday, the Day of Dawn's Reflection devolved upon the simple practice of giving gifts among neighbors, friends, and relatives. It is therefore associated with folkloric characters including the Good Fairy, the Yule Gnome, and Santa Claus.