Finious Aberton

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Finious Aberton was a famous Alliance explorer, who traveled far and wide over the Greater Continent; famed as the first Alliance explorer to visit the two great cities of the Marcon Alliance (destroyed over 300 years before the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance was formed).

A well-known ladies' man, Finious often got himself into a great deal of trouble, especially because he was, in his own words, "particularly fond of, attracted to, and completely unable to resist the allure of a married women". He often boasted that his long, usually solo expeditions to remote sites thousands of miles overland, were almost exclusively made in order to give those women time to forget why they were mad at him.

Finious died at the age of 53 from thyroid cancer, caused by exposure to radiation at various Marconian cities at which the old Gudersnipe Army had detonated atomic weapons 900 years earlier. In response, the Foundation stated that "the fallout areas were deliberately created in order to keep people out" and declined to make further official comments on the subject. Many high-ranking Foundation members, however, explained in interviews that the Gudersnipe Army operated under a strict policy of scorched earth, and that Marconian cities were specifically hit with "dirty" bombs to render them uninhabitable.