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FleetU is the operating system that runs all GS and Crimson Blade starships. It is a heavily module-based system with high levels of redundancy and inter-operability. It runs on a single-board computer which is standardized across the fleet, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and interoperability. Multiple boards can be run in parallel to add additional processing power.


Its exact date of creation is unknown, but it was in use by the first Gudersnipe Army that, led by Laytami Gudersnipe, attacked and destroyed the Marcon Alliance.

However, the early versions of FleetU were considered crude and ineffiecient, and have no functional link to the modern iteration. In A.Y. 110 when the Foundation was officially established, Laytami ordered the first true version of FleetU, Version 0 0 0 0. Version numbers are listed as a four-digit hexadecimal value. Version 0 0 0 0 took four years to develop and thus was officially put into service in A.Y. 114