Giga Collider

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A Giga Collider is actually a complex of mega colliders. Because of the size and complexity of of the commonents, mega colliders require very large fabrication facilities. Transporting components any distance then becomes a problem, so the easiest solution is to build the colliders as close to the fabricators as possible in a single, massive complex.

The Gudersnipe Foundation maintains two such Giga Collider facilities, comprising four hundred Mega Colliders each. These facilities provide all of the super-heavy materials used in the production of Gudersnipe starships.

Durring the Age of the Dragon, the Foundation constructed its own Giga Collider at the top-secret Victory Research Facility. This complex consisted of 1280 mega colliders (1/3rd more than the entire Gudersnipe Foundation), and operated for just 7 years. During this time-span, they produced more material by atomic-weight than the Gudersnipe facilities manufactured in the previous 35 years. These materials were used for a wide variety of functions including mecha construction and the Victory Fleet.