Zombie Apocalypse

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Since the Mage Wars, there have been twelve major zombie apocalie recorded throughout the Known Worlds. These are of course all caused by Necromancy, and are one of the major factors leading up to the Necromanic Wars; though it is important to note that Necromancers have never been directly and malicously responsible for a zombie apocalypse. At best their involvement could be considered "criminal negligence" - though given the losses of life sometimes involved this is quite bad.

Known Worlds Zombie Event Scale

In A.Y. 1484, Pendragon Genghis Sater ordered the creation of the Known Worlds Zombie Event Scale. This classification system was invented to measure and quantify the effect of necromancy on the common peoples. It was also helpful when dealing with the backlash against the Necromancer community.

A number of criteria and indicators are defined to assure coherent reporting of zombie events by different official authorities. There are seven nonzero levels on the KWZES scale: three incident-levels and four Apocalypse-levels. There is also a level 0.

7Major Apocalypse

Undead rise up in enormous numbers relative to population density, all who die become zombies

  • Event continue unchecked for 28 days or more
  • Catastrophic loss of living life
  • Many, if not all living things capable of reanimation rise up
  • Event covers an area that a fit person could not conceivably walk to the edge of within a daylight period.
    • Generally agreed to be between 51.2 and 63.1 miles, though smaller areas are accepted given due consideration for the terrain.
  • Serious, large-scale military intervention required
6Serious Apocalypse

Undead rise up without direct control, creating new undead without the aid of any living necromancer, and spread destruction and death over an area no less than fifty square miles

  • Event must continue unchecked for 24 hours or more
    • In practice given the rate of travel, this criteria is always met in order to reach the size qualification
  • Serious loss of living life
  • Serious destruction of property
  • Complete breakdown of civil and social ordinance, emergency services suspended
  • Military intervention required
  • Living things besides humans rise up
5Apocalypse with Wider Consequences

Undead rise up without direct control, creating new undead without the aid of any living necromancer, and spread destruction and death over an area of no less than one city-size.

  • Loss of living life a given
  • Serious destruction of property
  • Event must continue unchecked for at least 23 hours and 59 minutes(Mitchell vs. Grey Temple Hierarchy, A.Y. 1534)
4Apocalypse with Local Consequences

Undead rise up without direct command

  • This includes either the animation of the already differently living, or the creation of new zombies without the intervention of a living Necromancer.
  • Though not officially stated, such an event would only be recorded if its effects went best the boundaries of the temple
  • Any incident that results in a loss of a living life is also automatically considered a level 4, regardless of other criteria.
    • (Note that if a living necromancer was involved, then its no longer a Zombie Apocalypse Event but typical homicide)
3Serious Incident

Undead take action without control that results in property damage as well as harm to the living. This incldes personal injury and serious destruction of property.

2IncidentUndead take action without control that results in damage to property.Examples
1AnomalyUndead acting without control
  • Undead seen moving or taking actions without the control of a Necromancer.
  • As necromancers can control undead from a great distance and see through their eyes, this even is difficult to quantify.
0DeviationNo safety significance.
  • A minor deviation from expected behavior of the undead, such as a misstep or a sneeze

Note that in all cases an event requires that an undead take action without the control of a living necromancer. This includes such times as undead are controlled by undead necromancers(still a common issue in the early parts of the Golden Age. If a living necromancer is involved it is no longer considered a "zombie event" and would instead be covered by applicable local laws.