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Lahut was a city-state on the Greater Continent in the region of Cellious, famous as the birthplace of the Order of the Western Wind Paladins.


Lahut was probably founded around 3600 B.G.A.. Like most cities of the time, it was built around a Mage Tower. There are some indications that Nathan Searlin himself even helped design Lahut's tower, but this is supposition at best.

Lahut was a monarchy; but the throne changed hands every few generations. The city flourished for around five hundred years, before being destroyed by a "great scourge", believed undead.


The exact location of Lahut is completely unknown. The stratographic record of the area has been destroyed. The Ebetans who took over the region over a century after the fall of Cellious practiced a form of magic called Geomancy and reshaped the land as they saw fit. Ebeta was eventually completely destroyed, so all trace and any hope of locating Lahut is long gone.