Order of the Western Wind

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The Order of the Western Wind is the oldest-known sect of Paladins.


Western Wind has fealty to the One King. As the name would imply, their iconography is focused primarily around the setting sun and the wind. The fighting styles used, though varied, often focused around speed of attack. The Order felt that the One King was the only god, and that the other "kings" should not be identified as such. They also felt that the One King had a trlateralt nature, or three-in-one, but were very specific that this was separate from the other Kings.


The Western Wind created The Gladius Diluculum, the weapon that supposedly "turns the strength of the paladin's devotion into a blade". This same technique would come to be used by most paladin sects and is still used by the First File.


The order began in the mid First Chaotic Period in the city of Lahut, on the Greater Continent. The sect was based on that city for over a century, but had to relocate when the entire country was destroyed.

It seems that most members of the sect escaped, and established fortresses and training schools all over the northwestern region of the Greater Continent in what is today Sindall and the Lowland Plains region. As the Mage Wars progressed, the sect moved to the Agras Plain and established a new capitol at Reinier Castle. This would remain the headquarters for the entire Order until they were absorbed into the Order of the Cardinal Star during the Second Chaotic Period.