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Item values are based on a Price x Modifier system.

Determining Prices

Equip Item prices

Items are valued according to numerous factors. Much like minimum levels, special properties contribute. Each item has a base-value. Each property a modifier associated with it. The modifiers are totaled up separately, then multiplied by the base value.

Material Modifiers

Material is the most important factor, as each type has it's own modifier:

  • Metals
  • Wood:
  • Leather:
Enchanted Leatherx1
Green Leatherx2
Mystical Leatherx4
  • Cloth:

Enchantments, -Imbued, Quality, and Runes

  • All enchantments have a Tier associated with them, the price modifier is equal to the tier(Tier III would be x3). All ritual-enchanted items have an additional +1 to to their tier modifier(a Tier III would be x4).
  • Each -Imbued property adds x1 to the modifier. This stacks for like and unlike types. Hence a triple-imbued item that is all fire is still x3.
  • Quality:
    • Poor - x0
    • Simple - x1
    • Fine - x2
    • Very Fine - x5
  • Each Rune adds x1 to the value.

Exotic Properties

Exotic Properties, being very special and rare, have a huge impact on the cost of the item. Each exotic property adds a modifier, and the modifier is based on size.

  • Tiny, Very Small, and Small - x1
  • Medium - x2
  • Large - x3
  • Very Large and Immense - x5

Plus Values

Because even a +1 has a significant impact on weapon damage, each + is an x3 modifier. So a +5 sword would be x15. This applies independently to the +1 gained from the item being Very Fine in quality(a +5 Very Fine weapon is actually +6, so a +5 Very Fine would have a modifier of x18).


A Simple, Fire-Imbued Pigleather Vest

  • Modifiers: Simple x1, -Imbued x1, Pigleather x0.
    • Total Modifier: x2.

A Very Fine Mercule Orichalcum Bastard Sword, Triple Fire-Imbued, +8. Enchantments: Landslide III, Magma III, Plasma III, Ice III, Suplimental Damage V, 17 runes.

  • Modifiers: Very Fine x5, Mercule x3, Orichalcum x9, -Imbued x3, +8 and Very Fine x27, Enchantments x18, runes x17.
    • Total Modidier: x82
    • Total Value: Base Price 56gp X 82 = 4592

Material Prices

The base price of raw materials is based on the smallest posible unit, and uses the same multiplier as the materials tables above. If the material modifier is x0, then the price goes unmodified.

  • Ore: 1 Unit of Ore is worth 3 gold. Thus, 1 filing is worth 1 gold, and 1 ingot is worth 10 gold, multiplied by the material's modifier score. So 1 ingot of gold is worth 20 gold.
  • Pieces: 1 Piece of wood is worth 1 silver(or 1/10th of 1 gold). So 1 Bundle is worth 1 gold, and one Bale is worth 5.
  • Chips: 1 Chip is worth 1 silver, 1 Strip is worth 8 silver, and 1 Stack is worth 40 silver.
  • Threads: 1 Thread is worth 10 copper, 1 Reel is worth 1 gold, and 1 bolt is worth 7 gold.

Material prices used in base item calculations:

  • Ingot = 10
  • Bale = 5
  • Stack = 1
  • Bolt = 7

Ingredient Prices

  • Gemstones: the gemstones from MRPG Enchanting each have a base value of 10gp, with a 1x modifier by rarity(quartz is worth 10, blood ruby is worth 20, and so on. The addition of an -Imbued property in the gem ads mox x 10 x base price, so a Fire-Imbued Quantum Crystal is worth 80x80 or 6,400 GP.

Powders: Used in both Alchemy and Enchanting, Powders are sold by the Mot and have the following prices:

  • Powdered Opal - 40gp
  • Powdered Crystal - 10gp
  • Diamond Dust - 100gp
  • Fire Lotus Dust - 30gp
  • Powdered Ivory - 15gp

Buying Things

Purchasing a finished item involves determining it's final price, as well as paying for any addons. In the sample above, we looked at a very nice sword with a total modifier of 82, or a value of 4592gp. This base price is what a shopkeeper or craftsman will pay you for it.

In order to buy this finished sword, we have to do a little more math. Each enchantment adds to the price, but you would also have to pay for the individual enchantments, as well as all of the materials involved.

A bastard sword takes: 5 ingots, 1 bale, 2 stacks. The metal, in this case, is Orichalcum, with a modifier of 9. The base price of an ingot is 10, so orichalcum ingots cost 90gp each, or 450 for the metal. But, they are also Fire Imbued, so times 3 is 1350. We didn't specify the wood or leather types, but let's assume the crafter went all out and used Runewood and Dragon leather. Bales are 5gp base, add the 3x Runewood modifier and you have 15gp. Stacks are worth 4gp base, so 20 for the x5 Dragon leather, or 40 total. This adds up to a material cost of 1405gp.

Then, we look at the enchantments.

Global Modifiers

Prices are different depending on where you shop, specifically on how hard it is for the shopkeeper to get to where he is selling. A man on a mountain is going to charge a lot more and pay a lot less than one in the middle of a bustling city. The formula is effectively a function of "buying at" and "selling at" percentages of item base-costs.

Charisma Modifier

The Charisma skill determines how much of a discount the character recieves and how much extra they can get when selling.

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