Mage Wars(Card Game)

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Mage Wars: The Game

The collectable card game of Mage Wars exists in 3 parts: two within the story, and a real-life variant.

Original Game

During the Mage Wars (The War), one particularly inventive wizard had the idea to replace the massive battles that killed thousands of people with a simple game. He created a collection of enchanted playing cards (keeping the best for himself) which he then distributed trying to convince people to play. The loser of a game would give up his Mage Tower, resources, and armies to the winner, thus allowing the wars to continue without the huge loss of life.

Players were encircled by a mystical shroud to prevent outside intervention, and rules were enforced by the enchantments of the cards. This system was begining to gain ground by the time Laytami Gudersnipe heard about it, who quickly realized that while the enchanted cards prevented cheating by magic, they had no effect on conventional weaponry. Thus he discovered that by starting a game, then shooting his opponent, he could declare himself the victor. The game's success as a replacement for bloody conflicts soon evaporated.

The game continued to be played by enthusiasts and collectors all throughout the ages. The ability to make new cards was lost by the end of the Second Chaotic Period, making the actual cards highly sought-after collectibles. Though they provided no real powers, players took the game very seriously, and the rarest cards could be worth more than a life's wages. The most powerful cards could typically only be obtained by beating the owner in a duel.

Children's Game

In the late Sixth Age sometime after the Succession Wars, a popular comic book publisher decided to revive the old game. By then the art of creating the cards had been lost, so the company had to use plain old paper and ink. They wrote out a rule-set and produced copies of as many of the famous magical cards as they could find.

The game provied quite popular and successful, and they began making expansion packs. By the Age of the Dragon the game was well-known throughout the Alliance and Joint Space.

Actual Game

There is an actual, real-life version of the game in development, though it has been there for some time. The game draws on IP from the Course Books as well as content developed for all the related games. The CCG main page can be found here: Mage Wars CCG.