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Sapphire was a Slayer Dragon who lived in the late Sixth Age, and was among the Final Ten, she did survive the encounter with the first Army of Darkness and lived well into the Age of the Dragon.

Early Life

Sapphire was born on Nos Vorm, a flat dimension on the Outer Rim. Nos is known for being one of the few places in the Known Worlds where both magic and technology developed side-by-side, and achieved a fairly high level. As a child, Sapphire had the benefit of magical aptitude testing and was found to score very highly. In her early childhood she was able to gain some formal magical training in addition to her schooling, but her family's unstable financial situation eventually forced her to forego lessons from the age of nine onwards.

She was, however, able to learn a number of very complex spells, taking her personal magical studies more seriously than her schoolwork; she barely completed compulsory education. At the age of seventeen, she was forced to move out on her own, and while a talented mage she did not posses any legitimate skills. She found work as an exotic dancer, a task to which she felt well-suited.

As Sapphire puts it: "I was young and quite fit, and the job paid. I'm not ashamed, looking back. I didn't see the men who came into the club as pawns and I didn't see the work as degrading. And I was good at it. I don't think it's appropriate to talk about how good, but let's just say I had a comfortable life at the time".

While Sapphire admits that she didn't largely enjoy the work, the job itself provided for an excessive exercise regime that made her magical capabilities grow at a considerable rate, and after three years she found much more rewarding work on the professional fighting circuit.

"That... was certainly an interesting jump. I was still 'doing time' on the pole when I entered my first competition. Battle-Mage fights were quite a hot sport at the time, and I got in when there were huge rewards and basically no rules. You weren't allowed to flat-out kill your opponent, but the weapons were real. Of course they had healers on hand that could stop any injury, but it was dangerous. I was in unparalled shape, was far more powerful as a mage than anyone knew, and had been taking martial combat classes for two years as a way to blow off steam. My first bout was a prize fight with a pretty nice purse, but I was really only put in the arena as a sort of comic-relief act. They pitted me against some rising star hoping for an at least entertaining fight, the stripper verses the war-wizard. I... may have handed his ass too him a little too aggressively."

Fight-Mage Career

Sapphire spent nearly a year on the battle circuit, rather unfairly dominating the game.

"I had a star-rating of about seven, as close as anyone could figure; which was high, but not a huge deal with a lot of guys rating nine or ten. We didn't have a Star Slab of course, so all these figures are estimations. But there's a thing about potentials and there's a thing about possibility. Those guys with a ten didn't stand a chance. I ruled."

Indeed, over a twelve-month period Sapphire fought in forty-seven events, winning forty-three matches with four draws. The draws were quite controversial, mostly owing to her use of mind-altering magic and psionics, both of which were later formally banned by the sanctioning body. Sapphire never fought the rules' changes, but did conveniently retire when it was announced that most of her shenanigans would be outlawed.

Sapphire said: "I maybe wasn't 'surf everywhere on a tidal-wave of cash' rich, but I'd grown quite wealthy from the fight. Got to quite stripping, travel a bit, basically I had enough to live for a long while. I thought about going back to school, earning a degree... but then someone suggested I could be a Slayer Dragon. The thought hadn't really occurred to me before, but I was qualified. I went to Arindell and the rest... well".

Slayer Dragon

Sapphire was older than most trainees and still did extraordinarily well, completing the trials in five years and becoming a Slayer Dragon at the age of 30. As a public figure she made no effort to hide her past. While she never professed to look on her former activies with pride, the message she gave was 'to always work hard at whatever you're doing, since everything you do is a skill'.

Personality Cult

Sapphire is among the few Slayer Dragons to have a personality cult spring up during her own lifetime. While her regalia and armor were always modest and functional, she was still seen as incredibly beautiful, and a great many photographs and videos of her were released and widely circulated. She had a very flirty and sensual personality.


Despite a massive search, no one has ever been able to locate any pictures or videos of Sapphire during her previous career. Her reputation, however, had endured quite some time. One researcher went to a club where she'd worked over ten years earlier, and the manager remembered her instantly by name alone.