Final Ten

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The Final Ten represent the last time there were ten Slayer Dragons, shortly before the end of the Ages of the Alliance.


In the short story The Reunion of the Eighth Power from the book The Path to Ascension, Hokori, Nadami, Balphaz, Sieghand, Guy, and Marco are killed during the battle against the first Army of Darkness. Their deaths are very sudden, and only Hokori is named. Nadami, who is mentioned in other stories, is not named but is among the dead. Balphaz, Sieghand, Guy, and Marco are never mentioned canonically.

Slayer Dragon Deaths

Hokori mentions at one point that, in the entire history of the Slayer Dragons, only fifteen have ever died without passing on their power. In those cases, the remaining nine each give a portion of their power to create a new tenth. Since the power does not "Refill" over time, it means that the modern iteration of the Slayer Dragons are much less powerful than the original Ten.

Following the battle, Lina Rowen(at that point believing herself, Micheal, and Sapphire to be the only survivors), postulates that the remaining power could be divided to create "one, perhaps two" additional Slayer Dragons before loosing all potency. At that point she does not know that Hunter has both survived, and that he carries Hokori's power. This would leave them with the equivalent of five "full" Slayer Dragons(as full as they had before the battle).

Age of the Dragon

Hunter, Lina, Michael, and Sapphire survive the battle. During the Age of the Dragon, Hunter annotates Ruthia as a fifth Slayer Dragon, but no more are created after that. There is much speculation that with the only other candidates being those who trained along with Hunter, he held grudges and did not find any of them worthy.

The truth of the matter, however, is that with the first Army of Darkness unleashed, Hunter knew that a series of events had been set into motion that would be better dealt with by five full-powered Slayer Dragons than ten very weak ones.