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Michael is a Necromancer and Slayer Dragon who lived during the late Sixth Age and the Age of the Dragon.

Early Life

Michael was born into the Necromancer Temple in Arindell, the last remaining group of Necromancers since the war. Like most children born into the temple around that time, he had a rather depressing childhood. The children played mostly underground, and had few toys to speak of. This was partially cultural, as childhood 'ends early' for Necromancers. Play and childish exploits are meant to end early, so youths can take on an active role in the ceremonial and religious aspects of their culture.

For Michael, the change was not difficult, and he describes feeling almost a relief when he was able to enter that aspect of his life. He took very strongly to his studies, being particularly enamored with the history and great antiquity of his people. He was also a prodigy necromancer, learning the magic of his people and improving on many techniques almost instantly.

As was typical of youth in the temple, Michael experienced what temple elders call 'the turmoil' right on schedule at about age fourteen. The turmoil refers to the feelings young people experience as they come to realize that they're trapped, that no one ever leaves the temple, and that if they try they will be killed. The sheer unfairness of it causes some young necromancers to experience full-blown existential crisis. Michael, however, reportedly took it rather well, but was heavily cautioned by his teachers when he continued to express enduring feelings of hope for change.

First Contacts Outside

In A.Y. 6906, which Michael was seventeen, it was made known that then-Slayer Dragon Hunter Jusenkyou was looking to meet a Necromancer who could teach him of their ways. He had requested (if possible) someone young and able-bodied, and had received permission to take this individual outside of the temple.

At first, the elders were hesitant to select Michael. He was the obvious choice, having already distinguished himself as one of the finest Necromancers in the temple, but they also felt he was a danger to himself and the others. The thought he might use the opportunity to petition the Pendragon, who ultimately held power over the Necromancers, for better treatment. This, the elders were concerned, would result in them receiving considerably worse treatment.