Guy of Hellenes

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Guy of Hellenes was a Slayer Dragon from the late Sixth Age. He was one of the Final Ten who ended the Ages of the Alliance and began the Age of the Dragon (by dying). Guy was long considered as Hokori's heir apparent, but that changed rapidly when Hunter Jusenkyou became a Slayer Dragon.

Early Life

Guy was born in Korrinth and had little primary education. His family lived in a remote area of Korrinth where his father was a hunter and fur trapper. While Sourthern Korrinth contains several modern cities, the northwestern region where Guy lived was very primitive. He describes growing up in a remote cabin, and having to go three days by canoe to the nearest settlement with electricity and running water.

His mother taught him to read and write, while his father taught him how to live off the land. When Guy was fourteen, the family cabin burned down. His father resolved to remain in the woods, planning to continue support his family with the fur and hunting trades. His mother took him to the city of Kahml where they "lived in abject poverty": his mother could not find work that paid well, and the meager income his father earned as a woodsman, while enough to buy the few things they couldn't make or hunt themselves, it was nothing next to the cost of city life.

Journey to Arindell

After a year in the city, Guy felt he had no future there, but no longer believed in the life of a simple woodsman. Spurred by stories and fantasies, born of a childhood amidst ancient ruins, Guy decided to become a Slayer Dragon. With no money to take the usual sea route to Sun's Beacon, Guy traveled overland, through Sindall and Rowen, crossing an unpopulated stretch of the Black Mountains all alone and with nothing but his woodsman's guile, finally reaching the headwaters of the Biswon River. The entire journey took him a year, during which time he camped and lived off the land, doing only occasional odd jobs. Quite by coincidence, he spent the night at a Rowen farm and met a young Lina (Lina could not recount the tale, as she would have been about 1 year old at the time, but she says her family quite often took in travelers).

Slayer Dragon

Guy began his training at 18 and completed his Trials at 26, becoming a Slayer Dragon the next year. He was heavily involved in the training program through most of his life, and was known for showing favoritism. Though none of the trainees he directly mentored every became Slayer Dragons. Even though he'd briefly encountered Lina as an infant, he gave her no special treatment, and he frequently clashed with Hunter, even during training.

Though he was never close to Hokori, being the youngest Slayer Dragon of the Ten, he was widely regarded as Hokori's obvious choice to be the next Pendragon. All of this changed upon Hunter's ascension, and Guy did not exactly respond to the change positively. Despite his seniority, he clashed with Hunter on more than one occasion, and the two did not exactly see eye to eye.


In A.Y 910, Guy of Hellenes died at the hands of Ryoga and the first Army of Darkness.