Sarah Hijito

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Lieutenant Commander Sarah Chelsea Hijito.

The Real Lieutenant Hijito

Sarah Hijito was a Gudersnipe School graduate who fought in the Kamian Succession Wars. She attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was posthumously promoted to full commander. She died in battle while piloting a Harpy.

The Not-So-Much

Using Gudersnipe's Simulator technology, Hunter Jusenkyou created an A.I. version of the Lieutenant, in order to ask her questions about an incident which formed the basis of the Trivoli Exam. Since all Gudersnipe A.I. are inherently evil (See Lastres) and hell-bent on the destruction of mankind, this ended in predictable tragedy.

Though the A.I. was presumed destroyed, she was later discovered to have built herself a human body using nano-technology and her old medical records. The being that escaped was captured by the Alliance and deemed criminally insane, then placed in an asylum.