Snake Witch Queen

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The Snake Witch Queen (real name unknown) is a minor antagonist.


In the Course Books, the Snake-Witch-Queen appears only once, as the captress of Kimi Bur'I whom she tortured repeatedly to death, only to revive her at once by a machine attributed to Rubiceye. Prior to this she had enslaved numerous human and nonhuman sapients native to Bur'I, including the Wolf Clansman Ardrith who commanded her guard, in hope of later conquering the Wolf and Lion Clans. She is destroyed when Kimi, freed by Ardrith, leads both Clans against her. In describing herself to captive Kimi, the Snake-Witch-Queen identifies herself as the last of a 'Snake Clan' destroyed by the Wolf and Lion Clans (therefore Queen by default) and reveals something of the Underworld.