Alliance Space Navy

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The Alliance Space Navy(ASN) is the space-combat branch of the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance Forces. It consists of ships, bases, stations, and Defense Platforms, all built according to the same standards and often of the same designs. There are also some personnel involved. Despite under-funding, the ASN is actually one of the largest fighting forces in the known worlds, however due to the size of the Alliance itself, they are spread very thin. The ships are often viewed as small, out-dated, and under-armed, and for the most part, they are.

Due to countless layers of bureaucracy, the ASN was left in a seemingly impossible position. They were ordered to build and maintain a set number of military assets, but were never given the funding or resources to do so "properly". As such, the ASN built small, fast, and light ships in great quantities in order to meet the quotas. Since the numbers demanded were based on "operational ships" not total assets, they designed vessels with fast turn-around times and infrequent servicing schedules.

The result, predictably, was often times disastrous. Most other powers focused on attempting to copy Gudersnipe Foundation ships, which meant building them large, heavily armored, and armed. Alliance ships, which lacked heavy armor and could not afford the large directed-energy weapons mounted on typical capitol ships, often faced heavy casualties.

However, Hunter points out, in a conversation with Hokori that "The Alliance would actually fair better than most people think" citing that Alliance ships only loose because they go into battle heavily out-numbered, with tactics dictated by the bureaucracy and an extremely restrictive Rules of Engagement. He reasons that because the ships are built in such a polar-opposite manner from that of the Gudersnipe Foundation, given proper tactics and an all-out war, the Alliance could at least give the Foundation a run for it's money(this conversation was held under the auspices of impending war between the two major powers).