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This page contains a listing of various Course Books stories that, for whatever reason, were excluded from publication. Most of them were taken out because they just weren't very good. Such stories often include characters and events referred to in published stories, in many cases the contents of the cutting room are still considered Cannon.

Cut From the Books:

These stories exist in completed form and the events are considered cannon; but are likely never to be released for various reasons.

  • The Cult of Wildfire: this story revolves mostly around Rian Wildfire and gives some more information on his background. It is also the only known appearance of his mother, Sheena, and his "sister", Nair, who is also mentioned briefly in Absolution.
  • Hammer of Judgement: was a very short story (only around 1,000 words) cut basically for not being very good.
  • Fall of the Pheonix: took place shortly after The Inclination to Destiny from the book of the same name; dealt with Rian's actions in the aftermath of Hunter's death; and was slated for inclusion in The ByWay to Freedom. Much like other stories on this list, it wasn't very good and was cut along with the various focusses on Rian.

Cut From the Cannon Stories

  • A Not-so Joyus Return: actually one of the earliest completed Course Books stories, this one was deemed lost for several years. The story includes Jason Bur'I's return from Gudersnipe School and his wedding to Metanie Bur'I. The events of the story are not considered cannon, though several portions of it were re-written for Daylight.
  • "evil plot": this story never received a formal title though it was completed. The narrative deals with characters and events removed from the cannon entirely.
  • The Knight: much like the unimaginatively-titled "evil plot", The Knight features characters and events now formally removed from the cannon, specifically some of the same characters. Interestingly, this story was actually lost and completely re-written possibly twice and was slated for inclusion in The Road to War (the file name is even consistent with Practices).