Divine Will

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Divine Will is a sword found in the Library of Arindell by Jason Jusenkyou during The Next Progression, volume one of the Consecution Books.

The blade is made of pure Orichalcum and thirty-three inches long, with a curved cross-guard made of steel. The handle is wrapped in leather of a newer vintage, and the orichalcum is carved with runes of strength.

Disguised as a sword from a long-lost Third Age empire, delibrately mislabeled by librarians sometime in the Fifth Age to hide its true nature. It dates all the way back to the Mage Wars and is of great historical value; but the librarians who discovered it feared the weapon might be melted down to make Slayer Dragon weapons and armor.

Divine Will is believed to have belonged to Kahzi Uden, Kosta Guitain's chief lieutenant and second in command of the Order of Wizard Breakers.