Hrethel Jusenkyou

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Hrethrel, of the High Mountain Flight, out of Jennai, by Barberosa.

Father of Hygelic Jusenkyou and Ecgtheow Jusenkyou, grandfather of Hunter Jusenkyou, he is a full-blooded dragon of the High Mountain Flight, but is dead long before the events of the Course Books unfold.

Hrethel was a rare dragon-mage, much like Draco, but did not use magic to extend his own life. He also dabbled in smithing, producing many enchanted weapons and armor for the flight (yes, dragons use swords and armor). Apparently possessing some talent for futuresight, Hrethel also created two items designed for human use.

The first was a ring, in the shape of a coiling dragon biting its own tail. It had no name, but was an ingenious instrument none the less; actually two rings, one of Mithrill and one of a cheap copper/iron mixture. The mithril form was hidden on another plane of existence, but linked to the copper and iron version through an intricate spell, thus allowing the simple ring massive power. It can be used as a simple magic-amplifier, but also contains a very powerful shield-spell, designed to combine with the Sword Echbalder and ancient Bur'Ian magic to form the Full Armor of Light.

The second is a sword called Antebellum, meant to fight Samuel Fate if Echbalder is ever lost. This sword was made from one of Hrethrel's own teeth, and was probably done shortly before his death. Though long lost in the Course Books timeline, it is given to Hunter Jusenkyou by a version of himself from an Alternate Timeline.

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