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Imbuing is a process used in crafting to create an item imbued with one of a number of energies. Imbuing requires potions and can be preformed on materials and gems.

Imbued Energies

Items can be -Imbued with Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Positive, or Negative energy. A weapon imbued with that energy does 1 additional point of damage in that type. A piece of armor or jewelry provides 1% Resistance


The Material Imbuing Process requires that you use an Infusion of equal quality to the material you are attempting to Imbue. In order to make a Very Fine item you would need Level IV Infusions.

In order to create an -Imbued material, you must begin at the smallest piece of the material, Ore, Pieces, or Chips. These must be combined with one Infusion to the next level, and so on.

Example: In order to create 1 Very Fine Fire-Imbued Steel Ingot.

  • Step 1: Combine 1 Very Fine Unit of Ore with 1 Fire Infusion IV to create 3 Partial Fire-Imbued Fillings.
  • Step 2: Combine 10 Very Fine Filings with a second Fire Infusion IV to create 10 Total Fire-Imbued Filings
  • Step 3: Combine 10 Very Fine Filings with a third Fire Infusion IV to create 1 Fire Imbued Ingot


Gems are much easier to imbue. The process requires combining three of the same type of stone with one Infusion to create an -Imbued stone. However, because gemstones lack a quality statistic, they require a level IV Infusion to imbue. Attempting this without level IV will destroy all three gemstones.

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