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Shields are a primarily defensive item and, in general, are handy for anyone with a free arm. In order to equip a shield, a character must possess the Shield Proficiency. Having the proficiency also grants them access to Block and Shield Bash activated abilities.

Each point in Shield proficiency provides 1 additional dice when rolling Defense. A character with a shield equiped may still roll DV equal to his Shield Proficiency regardless of how low his actual DV has dropped.

Mage Wars RPG has three different shield sizes.

  • Buckler
  • Kite
  • Tower

Shields can be made from metal or wood and provide armor class based on material and size:

TowerVery Large1116

Shields do not provide additional AC based on quality, but do add additional DV bonuses.

Very Fine35

Very Fine tower shields receive an additional +6


  • Buckler: bucklers are always made from wood and have some metal. They can have -imbued properties from the wood, like armor this adds to resistance.
    • Size: Small
    • Dice: d6
  • Kite: kit shields are large, semi-rectangular, and usually made primarily from metal. They can receive an -imbued bonus from the metal.
    • Size: Medium
    • Dice: d8
  • Tower: tower shields are made from both metal and wood and can receive an -imbued bonus from either.
    • Size: Very Large
    • Dice: d12

Much like weapons, each + value on the item provides an additional damage dice. Damage dice only comes in to play on a shield bash.

Exotic Properties

Shields may have the spiked weapon property, but this does not give shields access to Wracking Strike.

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