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  • NOTE: this needs some side rules to make it useful for mages.

"Magic" or "Spellcasting for Dummies" is a heavily simplified (and weakened) single-magic proficiency; sort of the "jack of all trades" magic. The proficiency does not belong to any specific class by default (yet) and so must be traded for. The idea being that a pure-sword-class could trade one proficiency for Special Proficiency, Magic, to become a melee spellcaster. They will not be as effective at magic as a pure sorcery class, but they can do some basic things.


The Proficiency itself is needed, along with a high Comprehension skill. A character wishing to use this proficiency should plan on simply maxing out comprehension. A character using the Magic proficiency can cast spells that are written down. E.G, from a spellbook, scroll, or anything on which a spell could be recorded. They must meet the minimum level requirement, as well as have Proficiency + Comprehension equal to the ML. For most, this means being limited to lower-level spells.


Since spells can be inscribed on nearly anything, a character may have a spell written on their weapon. The weapon must be at least size Medium. Large weapons can hold 2 spells.

In addition, those using this proficiency are not able to cast spells from the following schools:

  • Earth
  • Death
  • Holy

Exo-Mage Spells

They can cast certain Exo-Mage spells that exist as scrolls and can have these copied into other places. While they do not gain the Junction activated ability, but they can still Junction these spells by spending hit points directly. Junctioning this way costs 2 HP per 1 Junction point.

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