Victory-Class Light Destroyer

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Following the success of the G.S.S. Saratoga, Instructor Gailen ordered a team of students to draft a redesign based on Hunter Jusenkyou's modifications. Though the new design should technically have followed along the Glorious Heritage registry line, Instructor Gailen claimed the new plans for his own and named it the it Victory.

First off the Line

G.S.S. Victory was the first in the series of Victory-class light destroyers. Registry number G-001-0002 Victory-Class Light Destroyer. She was designed primarily as an escort for the G-001-0001 Sahar Jusenkyou Class Carrier, but would fill a variety of roles.

The Victory was essentially little more than a rebuild of the infamous Saratoga, with all the modifications made as factory-stock. Design changes were made to the power-plan and a few of the retrofit systems were re-engineered for greater efficiency.

Purpose and Function

In the aftermath of the occupation of Samuel Fate, the Foundation's space forces were severely depleted. As the race to build new ships began, Instructor Gailen's designs were chosen for what would become the Gailen Fleet Revision. While the Victory had a high degree of reliability and could function effectively in a battle group role, it had the versility to fulfill many requirements throughout the new fleet.