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Similar to the pen and paper version of the game, the RPG uses Attack, Defend, Success, and Resistance Values, however they are calculated differently. Again like the PnP game ability to hit is determined by Variable Attack and Variable Defense, if AV is greater than DV the attack is a success. Damage is determined by weapon and armor values.

Attack Formulae

Attack is calculated in two ways: Base Attack Value and variable Attack Value.

Base Attack Value

The base AV is the sum of all stats and skills according to weight, subject to change by facet(certain facets can increase or decrease AV).

By default, all Proficiencies have a weight of 2(increased or decreased by facets). The equipped weapon determines which proficiency is being used(E.G.: A character using a long sword would calculate AV with Weapon Proficiency, Bladed x2)

Variable Attack Value

First in calculating Variable AV: Each class has an attack dice(D20 for melee classes, D12 for Exo-Mages, D10 for Endo-Mages) when making an attack, they roll one Attack Dice per rank(MRPG Level System) add the total rolled to the Base AV, then add in weapon Var AV as described bellow.

Each weapon comes with a Var AV score, a random number selected from a range of numbers. When attacking, the Var AV is calculated and multiplied by the same weight associated with the weapon proficiency.(E.G.: a basic longsword has a Var AV of 1-6, the computer selects a random number between 1 and 6 and multiplies that number by the weight applied to the character's skill in swords). This number is then added to the Base AV to determine the actual Var AV of the attack.

Example: a character has a Base AV of 70 and is equipped with a Long Sword. He scores a 6, x2 = 12 +Base AV 70 = Var AV of 82.

Defense Formulae

Defense is calculated much like Attack with a Base DV and Variable DV.

Base Defense Value

Base DV is calculated like Base AV but with a different series of weights. The DV score also comes from the total Armor Class(AC) and the armor's Variable Defense Value.

Variable Defense Value

Just like in AV, you begin by rolling your attack dice.

Only two pieces of armor have a Variable DV score: chest piece and shield. Just like in calculating attack, the Var DV is multiplied by the armor multiplier which by default is 3.

Example: a player has a Base DV of 68 and armor with a Var DV of 1-6, they get a 4. 4x3 = 12, 12+68=80, the Var DV for that round of combat is 80

Success Formulae

Base Success Value

Variable Success Value

Resistance Formulae

Base Resistance Value

Variable Resistance Value

Damage Calculation

Damage is calculated differently according to weapons or magic.

Weapon Damage Calculation

In the above examples we came up with a total calculation of Var AV 82 and Var DV of 80. In this instance the attacker would have successfully struck the defender. This is where damage calculation comes into effect.

The Var AV is used again in damage calculation. The damage formulae is (Av Strength Weight + Weapon Skill) x Weapon Weight + Var AV, with Var AV being calculated a second time on the damage roll.

Magic Damage Calculation

Critical Hits

When the attack dice used by the specific class lands on it's highest number, it is considered a critical hit. Weapons have a critical multiplier associated with them and deal twice the damage on a critical. All spells deal three times damage or have 3 times the effect(healing spells can crit) spells that do not add or reduce HP or MP have no effect on a critical.

Potion weapons or other items that are not considered a weapon but deal damage have an 2x critical multiplier.

Mana and healing potions can also crit, whenever using a potion roll your attack dice to determine a crit. These potions have a 2x multiplier.

Multiple Critical

At each Rank, the player an additional attack dice. In this case, one dice landing on a critical has the normal effect. If a second dice also rolls a critical, it counts as a multi-crit and the damage or effect is further multiplied by 2.

Base Critical

Every character has a base critical level(starting at 0) whenever an attack dice is rolled, this number is added to the dice roll. If it reaches the maximum, it counts as a critical. Example: a warrior has a base critical of 4 and rolls a 16, this counts as a critical hit.

Attack Dice

ClassAttack Dice
Battling Sorcererd20

Formulae Weights

Unlike the PnP game which draws from individual stats, the MMO totals weighted values of every stat. The weights for calculation are:

AV WeightsDV WeightsSV WeightsRV Weights

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