The Dragon's Lair

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The Dragon's Lair is the house and associated hangar facility built by Hunter Jusenkyou and the Eighth Power as a home-base. It began as a single mech hangar and later included luxurious rooms for each of the team members; laboratories; and a GATE network only the team could reach.

Location and Atmosphere

The facility is built on a round planet in a Pocket Dimension on a peculiar orbital path circling three different stars over the course of a 'year'. The planet is made almost entirely of gold, which is the primary reason of its name.

Operational History

Discovery and "Colonization"

The pocket dimension containing the 'Lair' was discovered by Kendrick aboard the Geomancer. It was unreachable by GATE but contained an ancient Road. Hunter and his team found another working Road and calculated coördinates, allowing them to reach the world carrying a GATE Interface and thus have two-way travel.

The initial plan was to simply create a hangar and servicing center for the team's mechs, but this was quickly expanded as they added living accomodations and private laboratories. The 'house', as it was sometimes called, grew cancerous, as the ability to add whatever they wanted soon took hold. It had everything, including a cavernous hangar large enough to hold the G.S.S. Saratoga.

By studying Road technology, Hunter and Jason constructed, inside a suitcase, a portal that allowed someone to climb through the case, down a ladder, and into the Dragon's Lair. Unlike Road technology, it only admitted one destination. The suitcase included a keypad that allowed the portal inside to be shut, and the technology was mostly on the other end, making the suitcase appear a simple piece of luggage.

First Mothballing

After graduation, the team went their separate ways, and the Lair was carefully mothballed for ten years. Following The Reunion of the Eighth Power, the lair was reöpened and became the base of operations for both the team and the Slayer Dragons.

The Victory Research Facility

Not long after the facility was reïnhabited, Hunter founded the Victory Research Facility on the same planet, but on a different continent. A high-speed train-line linked the two.

The V.R.F. would operate for 46 years before being abandoned in Samuel Fate's invasion of the Multi-Verse.

Abandonment and Decay

Most of the equipment from the V.R.F. was moved to the School Proper at Gudersnipe, where Joshua continued some research. Many of the scientists were also evacuated to the School Proper, or placed in stasis as part of Joshua's Dragon's Teeth. Others were simply given new identities and sent to remote parts of the Alliance.

Some of the V.R.F.'s facilities were carefully mothballed again, such as the station and the well-hidden Site B. The surface instalations such as the main facility and the house were cleared of any important or sensative equipment and simply left to rot, helping promote the idea that the facility was completely abandoned.

Later Use

It is implied during the Consecution Books that the house is reinhabited durring the New Day.