Two-Fang's Pass

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Two-Fang's Pass is an ancient fortified mountain-range west of Rowen, near the Yenisei River Delta. The fortifications were build first by the Marcon Alliance and then rebuilt by Korrinth, who gave the location its modern name.


The name of the original fortification is unknown, but the Marcons built a series of tunnels, strongholds, and Mage Towers to command the region. Two-Fangs was likely one of the focal-points used in the destruction of the Oncar Empire.

When the Marcon Alliance was hit by the Gudersnipe Army at the end of the Dynastic Period, the fortress at Two Fang's Pass was hit very hard. The Deadlands had already formed by then, so the pass already guarded a strategic route on the Greater Continent.

The fortifications lay in ruins for nearly two hundred years, until the nation of Korrinth rebuilt the site to guard the entrance to their kingdom. To what extent the fortifications had to be rebuilt is unknown, as they were done in the Marconian style. The network of tunnels was said to extend throughout both mountains and far into the Duat.

In B.G.A., Uther's army laid siege to the fortress on both sides, completely cutting off their supply-line. Though the defenders had enough provisions to last for years, and unlimited freshwater through the cave-system, they surrendered after only 9 days of battle.

Throughout the Ages of the Alliance, the region around Two-Fang's Pass belonged to Sindall, but was never inhabited, except for the nearby city of Sine on the Yenisei River Delta. The fortress was abandoned early in the Golden Age, not long after Korrinth was made an Alliance province. At various times while caravans were still traveling by land, it was used as a way-point, but by the Second Age it was fully abandoned and allowed to decay.