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The Course Books

By Rick Austinson

The Course Books represent a unique brand of fiction. Two major powers vie for control of the verse: the noble and courageous Unity Earth Sphere Alliance; and the powerful mercenary organization known as the Gudersnipe Foundation. The Alliance seeks to unit and govern, the Foundation is concerned only with its own continued stability. War is unlikely, peace is uneasy, and cooperation is all but impossible.

In the Course Books, the Alliance is led by a group of warrior-mages called the Order of Slayer Dragons. The Foundation is controlled by a secretive Blind Council, but gives high levels of autonomy to its most successful agents.

Enter the protagonist of the Course Books: Hunter Jusenkyou. A graduate of the Foundation's top academy, he holds a distinguished service record and has very high esteem. He is best known within the circles of the Blind Council simply as "the golden boy". But after leaving Gudersnipe School, Hunter became the first graduate to journey to the Alliance's capitol city of Arindell, and take The Trials, and become a Slayer Dragon.

As a Slayer Dragon, Hunter is able to gain power and respect throughout the Alliance, eventually attaining the rank of Pendragon (leader of the Slayer Dragons). The Course Books tells the story of the Foundation's golden boy, now the de facto leader of the Alliance. One man, in a position to command both camps.

Each of The Course Books contains a collection of short stories, arranged so as to tell an over-arcing plot. The planned five volumes of the series together tell an even larger story. Get updates and story samples in the Course Books Journal or check the Course Books Wiki for information and backstory on the series.